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There are many great backgammon books on the market but most of them are for people who understand things that others do not even know what this is about. You should not have to be a mathematician, to be odds and percentages, or interpret the strange tables in order to play backgammon. If it feels like it when you read a backgammon problem in any of these backgammon books and you wish that the authors should have spent more time explaining rational problems, rather than the esoteric analysis that top players will find interesting, but not so much to do with how you play backgammon, then Understanding Backgammon is a book you will like.

Kit and Tami watching backgammon problems that are typical for intermediate players, from a novel angle. Key response is presented as a conversation from their matches. Each solution begins by Tami states his original motivation for the specific situation that turns out to be a mistake and Kit responds by asking a key question about the logic behind Tamis choice. The dialogue is continuing, clarifications and explanations until the case for the obvious choice has been made. An excellent tool to take your game to the next level!

See "Specification" for details.

Author / Authors Kit Woolsey and Tami Jones
ISBN 1-880604-21-3
Publisher The Gammon Press
Year and Country 2003 in the United States of America
Binding Softcover
Pages 308 p
Size 228 x 177 x 21 mm
Language English
Player Level Beginners - Advanced
Weight 660 kg

Backgammon Book 308 p "Understanding Backgammon"

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