Delivery Information

Free shipping within Europe for orders over 50 € (does not apply to foosball and billiards)

Deliveries generally take 2-3 days. (International deliveries may take somewhat longer). As far as possible we will deliver all items you have ordered in the same delivery. If, for any reason, an item cannot be delivered by the estimated delivery date, we will send your order in more than one delivery. In this case, Gammon Games Ltd, of course, cover any extra shipping charges.

Delivery options

If the parcel is small, it will be delivered direct to your letter box. Larger parcels will be delivered to your nearest post office or its local representative. Orders will be delivered as postal parcels or letters/bulky letters. Deliveries to another address If you would like your order delivered to another address, please enter the shipping address in the appropriate field.


Gammon Games Ltd is responsible in the event any item is damaged or lost in transit from us to the customer. As the customer, you are responsible if any item is damaged or lost in transit when you return it to us. If you receive a parcel and see that the contents have been damaged in transit, please notify your post office or its local representative at once. In the event they do not take responsibility for the damaged parcel, contact us.

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