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An excellent backgammon book by Walter Trice edited by Jeremy Bagai. The book assumes a basic knowledge but then continues to the most advanced aspects. A variety of themes processed and analyzed with the help of hundreds of reference positions. A work for advanced players who wish to improve their strength and daring to transform himself into a winning machine.

Walter Trice is well-known in the world of backgammon as an author, analyst, theoretician, and player. He is the co-author, with Jake Jacobs, Can a Fish Taste Twice as Good?, and the creator of Bearoff Quizmaster, the first commercially available program to solve the problem of bear-off cube action. He has been ranked among the top ten players on the American Backgammon Tour for a decade and He has appeared the top 32 Giants of Backgammon ranking list on four occasions with his highest ranking at 23 in the 2005 pool. Walter Trice has won first place in the Championship flight of the Las Vegas Backgammon Open 2004, an event in which there were 101 participants with 27 rebuys. Walter was born (dec 1948) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where his Dad had worked on the Bomb. He had the usual Tennessee childhood, which I believe includes shooting b´ars, attending high school with Elvis and Dating Dolly Parton. In June of 2004 Walter married his long-time sweetheart, Donna Mc Dermott and on a beautiful honeymoon with her to a lovely island off the coast of Maine. Walter Trice lived in Massachusets, USA until his death in 2009.

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Author / Authors Walter Trice
ISBN 0-943292-32-8
Publisher The Fortuitous Press
Year and Country 2004 in the United States of America
Binding Softcover
Pages 340 p
Size 255 x 180 x 22 mm
Language English
Player Level Intermediate - Advanced
Weight 680 kg

Backgammon Book 340 p "Backgammon Boot Camp"

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