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Each player has a set of game pieces in each color. Players take turns placing them in an empty space on the board according to the rules below. Whoever first manages to place 4 different pieces in a row, column or area wins. The first player to place a fourth shape in a row, column or area on the board wins the game. It does not matter if the game pieces in the row, column or area belong to you or your opponent.

See "Specification" for details.

Type / Class Strategy game for 2 players from 8 years old
Author / Creator Nouri Khalifa
Outer measure 280 x 280 x 60 mm
Total weight of the product 0.9 kg
Form / Design / Material Board game Gigamic design
Game pieces 16 wooden game pieces in two colors and a game board.
Packaging Original gift box
Guarantee 5 years manufacturer warranty
Game Rules Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish.
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Quantik - Strategy game for 2 players

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